Aeromedical Services


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Medical escort and assistance services tailored to you!

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One thought on “Aeromedical Services”

  1. Hi my name is Ali Kutlubay I’m a brutish citizen currently I’m in turkey in the city of Gaziantep my brother is in intensive care 50 days for having a cardiac arrest for 15 minutes thankfully he is awake now but doesn’t respond to the doctors or his family ,we are thinking of taking him back to UK he is also a British citizen,the hospital that he is in now called Abdulkadir Yuksel hospitalin Gaziantep we can’t sit him on o wheel chair or take him seated so there for we need an ambulance plane for his transfer to the UK in the plane we will also need doctors nurses and nescescary equipment in case of anything bad because is a 4 hour journey please can you call me regarding this stuation 00447778251249 thank you


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